About Happy Feat!

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Join us on our walks around Bedford! Explore your town!

We recognise that everyone at some time in their lives has wellbeing needs: Loneliness, depression, anxiety and stress, low self-esteem, Sleep problems.

As a campaign, we aim to promote Bedfordians from all walks of life to take part in free, organised activities with others.

In my mind
I can hide
What it feels like to be lonely
But on the outside I'm fine
And I lie 
To those around me.
I say I'm great 
Because I hate
To admit this feeling,
"Hey mate" I say 
With a false display of meaning
And really what I need
Is to be free of this feeling.
And did I mention
All I need is attention
Maybe a companion
A fellow bedfordian!
We can walk and talk 
And build a connection 
Leave behind misconstrued associations
Of isolation.
A community to appreciate
Is what I aim to create
Hear, hear oh Bedfordshire!