24 Mar 2015

Challenge Yourself

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I recently went bungee jumping. So far the people I have showed the pictures and video of my jump to have looked at me with incredulous and worried looks to say the least. Most have not really had the nerve to say it to my face but I read it in their expressions, they all think I am crazy, especially those that know me well. You see if you know me then you also know I have always had three great fears. 1. I have a fear of any large expanse of water. I have never learned how to swim and some of my worst nightmares are of me drowning. It’s so bad you practically have to hold my hand while I watch my son swim. 2. I have a fear of all creatures other than humans. Animals and insects terrify me, from the largest of animals to the smallest and probably least harmful of them. If isn’t human then I am afraid of it. 3. Fear of heights. I have stood on tables to change a bulb and then practically been stuck when the time came to get off. I am afraid of falling from any height.

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