24 Mar 2015

A Small Gift

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As a teenager, I worked at a grocery store as a cashier in a local mall. There was a young man who walked around the mall and it didn’t look like he had any friends or family. I learned from store owners that he suffered schizophrenia and was pretty much a loner. He was always very polite to me when he came through my register. It was around Christmas time and I saw him sitting in a coffee shop, looking very alone in the world as I bought a dozen doughnuts for a party I was attending. I walked up to him and I wished him a Merry Christmas and handed him $10.00. His entire face lit up as though I had given him gold. He was so grateful at what I thought was nothing and he thanked me profusely as though no one had ever shown him any kindness ever. I felt very sorry for him and happy that I added some joy to his day. I learned that it is the smallest acts of kindness are what matter most. I will never forget the look of pure joy on his face. Not ever. God bless you, John.