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Climate change is all too often viewed through the prism of the future. People see it as an issue that will, at worst, affect their children or their grandchildren... but for many it is already an issue of the present.

Last year, in the Bay of Bengal, 16 million people were displaced due to record breaking floods caused by the combination of increased glacial melt, rising seas and increasingly erratic monsoon rains. In Pakistan, the government are digging pre-emptive mass graves in expectation of a tenth consecutive record breaking heatwave, and in the Pacific the people of Kiribati are already enacting plans for the depopulation of their entire nation as it slowly sinks beneath the rising seas.

Closer to home communities in the UK are feeling the impact too! On the Somerset Levels more severe and prolonged floods are cutting off communities, and across the UK changes to weather patterns are causing disruption through colder winters and hotter summers.

Last year, in the Bay of Bengal, 16 million people were displaced due to record breaking floods

Whilst most people are vaguely aware that climate change is an issue, they are unaware of their individual impact. Dissociated from the direct effects of climate change. Not recognising the human cost. What’s more, they lack the knowledge of how they can make a difference.

The key thing with climate change is that it is global! Emissions locally have the same impact as those half a world away.

The West Midlands has 970,000 people aged 18-30, the age at which research shows people have the greatest willingness to adapt their habits and the greatest capacity to change their behaviour.

Diet accounts for 10-50% of a person’s carbon impact

Everyone eats. They do it every day. So it is here that they have the greatest capacity to change their impact. Swapping the beef in a Spaghetti Bolognese for turkey reduces its impact to a third and swapping for soya gives a nine fold reduction.

We want to give people this information in their pockets.

E.Mission is an app that will quickly and easily tell users the carbon footprint of their diet and ways they can improve it, with progress tracking, recipe suggestions, climate change facts and gamification features to enhance the user experience.

The E.Mission app is available online now!



E.Mission is part of the UpRising Birmingham Environmental Leadership Programme 2017/18.