The 80:20 Lifestyle

A Birmingham based campaign to reduce the intake of meat and adopting a healthier lifestyle.

80% Clean + 20% treat = 100% You

In our local community was the significant disconnect between the consumer and the producer regarding the food market. When individuals go out and buy food from their supermarket, little attention is paid to the origins of that food particularly regarding the environmental impacts. Both transportation and production of food produce significant damage to the environment through the use of herbicides, pesticides, deforestation, water consumption, water pollution, land use, greenhouse gas production, biodiversity loss, desertification, salinization, soil erosion… the list goes on. The meat industry is particularly environmentally degrading due to the water required to produce beef in particular, the amount of necessary grazing land and land required to produce feed.

Therefore, we set out to address this disconnect and lack of knowledge between the local consumer and the impact of their food choices, particularly regarding meat.

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