Eco Eats Birmingham

Eco Eats make it easy for you to make sustainable choices for the environment.

Your planet is what you eat

Our tasty meat-like, meat-free recipes help you help the environment, simply.

We beleieve that by creating ways to make meat reduction easier for Birmingham locals we can reduce our carbon footprint together.

So just how easy are our recipes?

They are quick to make, cheap to buy, and tasty to eat.

Our recipes aim to educate whilst you cook, with statistics on exactly how you've helped the planet with every meal. The Eco Eats team are passionate about the planet and simple ways we can do good, following our social media allows you to keep up to date with relevant news around meat reduction and insider facts. 

What's the big deal? Why is meat so bad for the environment?

The mass production of meat means the sheer quantity of farm animals on our planet produces more methane than humans.The land needed for cattle ranching allows for constant deforestation losing four football pitches a second through harmful methods, such as burning off the land. The meat industry produces more pollution than the transport industry.

With just ONE DAY worth of substitute meals you can personally save 3 years worth of kettle boils.

That's 3 years worth of your morning coffee in carbon.

Eco Eats gives you the motivation to reduce your carbon footprint with something you can control, your diet.



How can you get involved?

Apart from our social media activity, we will be running a promotional stall on the 3rd of July at the rag market in the city centre where we will giving out food samples for free!

Don’t miss out ! Follow us on social media for more details!


Remember: Your planet is what you eat!

Eco Eats Birmingham is part of the UpRising Birmingham Leadership Programme 2018.

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