Empowering young people to reap the mental health benefits of spending time in nature.

Not enough people are aware of the benefits of ecotherapy (engaging with nature). In a time of constraints on the funding for the NHS, more efficient treatments need to be prescribed that deliver the same benefits for less. Ecotherapy offers the same benefits as traditional methods but for a fraction of the cost. With mental health issues are on the rise, ecotherepay offers the best solution in view of economic, social and sustainable outcomes for communities in Greater Manchester.

In June 2017, we delivered a workshop at The Parish Church of Ascension in Hulme with pupils from St Philip's Church of England School. The children created planters and hanging baskets for the church and the people of Hulme, which are now displayed along Stretford Road by the entrance of the church. We also engaged 65 residents of Greater Manchester, getting their thoughts, feelings and emotions about nature, and capturing these on our 'tree' artwork - individuals' contributions were recorded on leaves, which were added to our tree. The tree is now displayed at Hulme Community Garden Centre Cafe and will soon be displayed in the Z-Arts Community Centre.

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