Increasing awareness of fracking within the general public...

We cannot keep ignoring the impact of our obsession with fossil fuels is having on our planet


The What...

Our campaign is called Frackyou. We wanted to increase awareness of what fracking is to the general public. Fracking is often misconceived, which leads to a support in fracking, although the true consequences are not yet understood. Therefore, we would like to promote the effect fracking can have on our environment. Hopefully, showing the negative impact fracking could have on the UK, thereby increasing the backing of the anti-fracking campaign.


The Why...

We as individuals are passionate about the environment and the ways in which we can change our ways as humans to help make our future more sustainable and healthy. We are part of a global movement to prevent the continued reliance on fossil fuels for our energy needs and promote renewable green energy over the exploration of fracking.


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