About iVote2015

The iVote2015 campaign aims to educate young people on issues surrounding voting...

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We believe through voting, politicians will represent young people more effectively.

It is clear to see that politicians often do not take matters revolving around young people seriously. We aim to change this injustice, by voting. Abraham Lincoln once praised a government “of the people, by the people, for the people”. As young people, we believe a share of the government should be ours.

Voting in a single election can make a difference, especially if the missing voters include an entire generation.

As young people ourselves, we recognise the issues created by the lack of voting, and we want it improved by the 2015 General Election. We hope, that by giving young people reasons to participate, they will. Our aim does not just stop at improving the statistics of young people voting. We want a better representation in government. We want politicians to voice our views, just as they voice the views of others. In essence, we demand equality.