About Know2Vote

Youth campaigner Shamaila Hussain tells us more....

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Know2Vote is a campaign that’s set to raise political awareness among young people. Considerably less 18 - 24 year olds vote, which is why we want to engage teenagers in politics at a younger age, so that they will be more likely to vote.

We want young people to realise that their vote is important. We are key members of society, as we are the future!

So, why are a group of 16-18 year olds interested in promoting politics? Well.... 

We’re sick of decisions that are being made which have an impact on us, yet we have no say in them.

If you're an older voter, you're likely to benefit from a free bus pass and winter fuel allowance. What do we get? Increased University tuition fees and cuts to youth services. It just isn’t right!

We want our say in politics...

Follow us, Like our campaign and support us as we try to get improved political education in schools on the agenda!