About Mental Health And Me

As a campaign, we hope to raise awareness of mental health in young people, and the need to recognise the scope of this in Britain.

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At the moment, it is estimated that 1 in every 4 young people in Britain has some form of mental health, and as a campaign we want politicians, and the wider public, to know this statistic. At the moment, mental health is seen as secondary to physical health, with NHS waiting times for mental health issues being far longer than physical. As a campaign, we want to see mental health being treated with any other form of health.

It is not only our health service that we are looking to change though.

63% of references to mental health in TV soaps and drama were unsympathetic and/or offensive, with terms such as "crackpot", "a sad little psycho", "basket case" , "where did you get her from?", "Care in the Community?" and "he was looney tunes" featuring in shows.

If you suffer from mental health in 2014, you are likely to feel isolated and offended by the media's portrayal of you also. As if media portrayals of young people is not bad enough, young people with mental health concerns as being portrayed as dangers to themselves and society.

With your help, we can tackle negative stigma against mental health in young people, and change society for the better.