The Nature Network

We aim to get local people living in Birmingham more engaged with nature. We want to introduce families to different activities that will increase their involvement in nature and the natural environment.

There are numerous studies showing the mental and physical health benefits of engaging more with nature, and also to show how damaging living in a city can be. Birmingham is one of most green space deprived cities in the UK, yet we learned from being on the environmental leadership programme that there are many different active organisations within the city which help locals get involved more with the natural environment. We wanted to share what we learned to help people find a way to connect with nature within their city. Our USP compared to other organisations is that we are helping people find the right thing for them. Not everyone will want to engage in nature in the same way and we are offering a whole range of options so they can find the best fit for what they want. We also exclusively focus on families so have tailored what we offer to suit them.


Our vision was for people who live in cities to get more involved in the natural world. Our objective was to get local families in and around Birmingham more actively engaged in the natural world, by discovering different organisations they can get involved with (through our social media and through the material at our stand at events) and by taking part in nature based activities we provide.


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