Changing young people's perceptions of beauty through real inspiration ...

Realspo is a campaign started to tackle the negative impact of the Thinspo hashtag. Thinspiration or Thinspo is a social media hashtag that encourages people to slim down to an unhealthy weight, and it is common among both women and men. We spoke out, and we inspired this video below:


There has been a 25% increase in eating disorder hospital admissions over the past three years – most of them teenagers!

Since January alone, over 300,000 ‘Thinspiration’ tweets have been posted. While Thinspiration is not the cause, it is making it worse and a dangerous online community has been created through social media.

Young people are being unfairly impacted by these images and we need to do something about it!


This is where we come in. Through our social media platforms, we aim to promote real beauty by posting positive and inspirational messages for both young men and young women who might be drawn in by the Thinspo hashtag.

We have also launched an e-petition directed at the CEO of Twitter, asking the social media platform to put a warning and links to relevant support on the search results of #Thinspo.

And we haven't stopped there....  We got on to Sky News and we got our voices heard across the country:

So if you want to get involved, come and follow our campaignsign our e-petition and join the fight!

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