Release your Hero

Release Your Hero is a campaign which encourages everyone to develop first aid knowledge... 

Why I am Running the Campaign...

By introducing first aid into schools it would help create a generation who are equipped with lifesaving skill set so that hundreds and maybe even thousands of lives could be saved. 

Did you know that every year 150,000 people a year could have been saved if more people knew basic first aid? 

When confronted with a first aid situation 59% of the British public admitted they did not have the confidence of attempting to save someone’s life. In order for this large number to be slashed it is a necessity that basic first aid needs to be put onto the school curriculum. Learning any skill at a young age and the more practice a person has as they grow it becomes second nature to them and the confidence increases as well. The same could be said for first aid.

The only difference here is by having the confidence you could be the difference between the life and death of another human being.


What I Am Doing...

I have created a twitter account whereI will include my findings and statistics and will spread my influence with my hash tag #releaseyourhero. As part of my twitter profile I am going to be using thunder clap in order for me to be even more heard. I am also starting an online petition so that my campaign can be receive wider recognition and have more substance.

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