Silver Lines

For every dark cloud has a silver lining

1 in 4 people will experience a mental illness

Be it depressions, anxiety, or something all the more complex, these disorders can lead to pain, poor quality of life, and even suicide (Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey, 2014).

The suicide rate has been steadily increasing across western countries, especially in men, where people are tackling their complex issues and being overwhelmed (Pritchard 1992).

With most mental illnesses manifesting in young adulthood (ages 16-25) it is of utmost importance that we better equip today’s youth with the tools to tackle, understand, and overcome their mental illnesses before it becomes unmanageable.

Often mental illness can feel like thick, dark cloud that shrouds the senses

It strikes without prejudice and often without warning. Therefore, it is our aim to cut through that cloud and bring clarity in moments of trepidation. Like a silver line.

Through social media we will be educating our followers on all things mental health, such as specific terminology, coping mechanisms, or treatments. However, this will go hand in hand with signposts towards mental health services, some may not be aware of, to allow people to get the best and most qualified help they can to tackle their issues. Finally, we will be sharing personal stories, volunteered to the page, to help people connect with the stories surrounding mental health so that we can all learn and appreciate the struggles each and every person goes through.

It is our hope that this will create a community across several social media platforms that engages and supports one another and better equips those who feel lost in this matter. Whilst are main target will be those most at-risk of mental health issues, young persons, this will by no means be our only focus as we hope to create a platform that educates and supports people unanimously.

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Silver Lines is part of the UpRising Birmingham Leadership Programme 2018.

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