Sugar Undercover

SugarUndercover is a social action campaign aiming to reduce childhood obesity by reducing people's consumption of refined sugar.

SugarUndercover is an UpRising campaign run by young adults in the Birmingham community. We have built this website and associated media platforms with the aim of preventing childhood obesity.

Obesity is on the rise as an epidemic, and statistics indicate that those who suffer obesity as children have a very high likelihood of remaining obese throughout their adult lives, risking diabetes, heart attacks, and a vast array of other, serious medical conditions associated with obesity. Further, such a crisis endangers quality of life, resources (medical and monetary) and even life expectancy. We are the first generation expected to, on average, not live as long as our parents.

SugarUndercover identifies sugar as a leading factor in causing obesity, particularly in children, and encourages parents and children to be aware of how much refined sugar they are consuming every day, in particular we recommend using the Sugar Smart app from Change for Life. Refined sugar (that is, sugar artificially added into various foods and drinks, not fruit sugars) can be found in the most unexpected foods, and significantly contributes to unhealthy weight gain, that can be avoided by making simple food swaps.

SugarUndercover aims to…

  1. Raise awareness of the addictive and unhealthy nature of sugar,

  2. Provide simple, affordable and delicious alternatives that can be enjoyed instead of products high in refined sugar,

  3. Encourage people to become more aware of how much sugar they are consuming and make healthy choices.

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