Support 4 ExOffenders

A campaign to raise awareness of re-offending and young people...

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Our campaign is on support for ex-offenders. We are aware that for some people this might be a controversial topic and many would wonder why we would invest so much time in people who break the law. If truth-be-told, ex-offenders need more support than most.

If hurt people go on to hurt others, then healed people have the ability to heal others too

People speak about the phrase: “hurt people hurt people” – that people who themselves have been hurt, go on to hurt others. We believe in the phrase “healed people heal people” – that those who have wronged and have healed, have the greatest capacity to heal other people who are in need of help.

We have the ability to help build people up. The fact of the matter is that re-offending is costing the taxpayer as much as £9 to £13 billion a year and frankly that is too much. Too much taxpayers money is being spent on people who probably don’t even want to continue committing crimes, but have no where else to turn; and for some people this is all they have ever known.

We aim to challenge those in leadership to find programmes and organisations that have direct involvement with ex-offenders to bring down the shocking rates of re-offending, which currently stand at 72.3% of under 18’s that originally break the law.

Our campaign is important because it brings about change for the better. Our campaign is important because we care.