Undercover Waste

Campaigning to reduce the high volume of food wastage across the UK's supermarkets...

With a growing number of people living below the poverty line, and an increasing number of people turning towards foodbanks to feed themselves and their families, it seems criminal to waste food.

Yet, for some reason, we keep doing it.

Every year in the UK, around 7 million tonnes of food and drink are thrown away from our homes. That's almost 50% of the total amount of food that is thrown away in the UK.

We need to address this. 

So... who are we? 

We're Undercover Waste. We're a group of campaigners from the West Midlands, whose vision is to lower the amount of food wastage in our area by:

  • persuading supermarkets to sell unaesthetically pleasing food to the public at a cheaper price, and

  • promoting the usage of these products at places such as food banks to create recipes for smoothies and soups.

Follow us on Twitter to support our campaign, and watch this space as our campaign grows!

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