Ur Space Ur Place

Making a stand for YOU and what YOU want in Stoke...

This Campaign is about creating a juice bar in Stoke on Trent that is run and owned by young people. 

This campaign initially came about due to all the buildings that are currently empty in our city and not being made use out of.

We wanted to have one of these buildings from the city council to start a community project that was going to be run by young people for young people

We want to then turn this building into a non-alcoholic juice bar to provide a safe a secure environment for the youth of our city to go, hang out, be safe and to challenge some of the current stereo types of the youth in our City. 

Our campaign has received a huge amount of support from our local city council and there are talks going on at present with our city council about how this goal can be achieved, and how they can best support us in making this happen.

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