Providing the resources and network to make local Birmingham events a greener, cleaner place to be.

Providing the resources and network to make local Birmingham events a greener, cleaner place to be.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, It’s that simple. Our mission is to get those involved with running events to implement sustainable practices which are both environmentally and economically friendly to reduce the levels of waste that are produced. What this means is that we don’t want that plastic cup you drank out of being sent to landfill and we certainly don’t want food being wasted and left to rot.

Birmingham has one of the worst household recycling rates in the country

only 24% of households re-use or recycle their waste (1).

However, it also has a thriving, diverse population and a thriving, diverse events scene. We think this provides a huge opportunity to show the city how simple reducing our own consumption can be, whilst also tackling the huge amounts of waste that events can produce.

In fact,

  • 87.4% said waste is a negative environmental impact of festivals,
  • 81% agreed they would seperate their waste given the option and
  • 43% agreed they had changed their behaviours at home following an initiative at a festival (2).


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We want to engage that 43% and more. To do so, we need to tackle the three challenges that organisers feel they face when it comes to organising a greener event; fear of increased costs, lack of internal resources and lack of expertise in sustainability. (2) We are working with local events, businesses and charities to produce a toolkit. This will address Birmingham's needs and work as a local directory for organisers to 'greenify' their event. We want to show our events industry that the changes they make can be done in a cost-effective way, that they will appeal to their customers and that Birmingham will be a better place for it.

You may be asking how you can help us. We need your support to create change on an organisational-level, but we also hope that you will make changes in your personal life too. If you believe you are a sustainability expert, if you know a local business or event that is struggling, or of one that is leaps ahead of the rest, we want to hear from you! If you know nothing about events, that doesn't matter! The easiest way to show your support is to have a voice- a voice about local waste, a voice to your local events and a voice that won't give up until it reaches its goal! To help all of our voices go a little further, join us on social media and help us to create a citywide movement.

(1)Birmingham Mail (2017) Birmingham has one of the worst recycling rates in the country 
(2) Powerful Thinking (2016) The Show Must Go On 
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Wastebusters is part of the UpRising Birmingham Environmental Leadership Programme 2017/18.

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