W.E. Change

Breaking the glass ceiling so that young BAME people can enter. #switchupyourskills

Our campaign was founded on personal struggles in life.

We realised that it was difficult at times to maneuver in professional and academic space due to our ethnicity and race. This sparked our interest in being able to create a space where BAME young will be able to learn about specific life skills that are needed to be able compete on a level playing field.

We decided on the name W.E. Change because we understand that to change the narrative written for BAME young people should change, and the process is a collective one.

Young people from BAME backgrounds are twice as likely to be unemployed compared to their white counterparts

This campaign will seek to change and bring awareness to this problem within the community.

Simultaneously, it will signpost BAME young people to organisations that will be able to offer further help and classes to build those soft skills.

The soft skills that we will focus on are:

  • Money management skills
  • Presentation skills; and
  • Communication skills

Remember to #switchupyourskills

W.E. Change is part of the UpRising Birmingham Leadership Programme 2018.

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