Clothes Swap Cardiff

We see a world where consumers think more conscientiously about their fashion choices and the consequent impact on the environment.


A main cause of the problem is young people buying new clothes for one off events, including specific nights out, university sports socials.

Fast fashion practises have negative impacts on the environment in locations where the clothes are manufactured, water pollution and increased textile waste.

Our tactic is to try to change the attitudes of young people, namely those who are attending university so that they can understand the solutions that can be created to reduce the negative impacts of fast fashion at a local level. 

By starting a culture of clothes swapping in Cardiff! We decided to specifically target the student population as we saw this as the most engaged in fast fashion. We held a clothes swap launch to educate people on the impact of fast fashion on the environment, collaborating with the organisations Wrap and Sustainable Studios. We then gave people the tools and information they needed to hold their own clothes swaps, in an attempt to make a sustainable movement! 

Swap, donate, love and buy pre-loved clothes! Hold your own clothes swap event, it could be a night in with friends or a larger event like ours.



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