Eat Green Cardiff

A Campaign to encourage more plant based eating in Cardiff to reduce food related Carbon emissions 


The issue we are passionate about is climate change because we believe it is the greatest problem and injustice that the planet currently faces. Although there are many injustices that currently face society, climate change will most likely have the greatest effect on people and the environment. We plan to campaign to help people reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by changing their eating habits. In the UK, agriculture contributes 10% to the total GHG emissions.

The most effective way to reduce emissions with regards to agriculture is to consume fewer animal products.

A lot of people aren't aware of how simple changes within their diet can considerably reduce their ecological footprint. Our campaign seeks to educate people through providing education on why a diet change can impact climate change and provide people with easy, quick, and simple recipes as a solution. The recipes will also be mostly healthy and ethical which will promote other positive outcomes such as better health and wellbeing. 

Cardiff ecological footprint was higher than the Welsh and UK averages. By eating a plant-based diet we can reduce our GHG emissions by half.

The largest proportion of Cardiff’s EF is food and drink and this is why we have decided to include diet change in our campaign.

To promote a plant-based diet we will champion around 5 cheap, easy and healthy recipes. We are going to ask prominent sustainable eating social media influencers to donate or work with us to produce the recipes, we believe that if this is successful it will be a great selling point. By promoting local and seasonally grown veg it will help reduce air miles and plastic packaging, while also supporting local producers and the Welsh regional economy. 

To promote our campaign we plan on producing a short book or leaflet, doing talks and workshops and making all the information available for free online and across social media. We believe that by fighting climate change with diet change we can change people’s perceptions of the environment and make real steps towards tackling climate change. 

Eat green! It’s easy and delicious, cruelty free and really is the best way to improve your carbon footprint as an individual!




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