Faces of Air Pollution

Providing faces to the invisible issue of air pollution.      

We want people who worry about air pollution or are directly affected by it to feel empowered to share their stories and stand up for change. We also want the general public to be more aware of the harmful effects of air pollution and what they can do to protect themselves.

Air pollution cuts over 10,000 Londoner’s lives short every year, creates chronic lung conditions and is thought to affect every organ in the body.

Some of the most vulnerable members of our society are affected worst. Poorer communities tend to live closer to heavily polluted roads, and children and the elderly are more susceptible to air pollution-related diseases.

But ultimately air pollution affects everybody as we all need to breathe clean air to be healthy and happy.

Faces of Air Pollution is a multimedia project which provides a face to the invisible problem of air pollution.

We have collected stories from a diverse range of people across London and beyond who face the same problem: living with dirty and illegal air. We share the stories of those who have chronic lung conditions, those who care for family members with breathing difficulties, parents who are concerned about their children’s lung developments and communities which are battling to keep their air clean and fresh. We are sharing these stories via our social media pages along with calls to action which complement each personal story.

We took a selection of these stories and turned them into a short film. It included 4-5 personal stories, each touching on the lived effects of air pollution in London, pointing towards how individuals, communities and governments can address this growing problem.

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