Green Hands

We bring communities together using the environment

Green Hands aims to alleviate social isolation, a public health concern that has a detrimental impact on people's health and sense of wellbeing. 

We want to raise awareness and create tangible solutions through running environmentally-focused events. By facilitating the interaction between members of the community and under-utilised green spaces in the local area, Green Hands provides a local solution.

Current methods of combating social isolation focus on prescribing medication rather than introducing people back into the community.

Our initial research showed us that those suffering from social isolation often lacked community interactions and a sense of belonging in the community. Green Hands therefore aims to provide that core aspect of the human experience.

We were determined to facilitate a safe space for people to have these core experiences that allow their reintroduction to their local community.

As yet we've hosted two events: an urban herb gardening workshop in Abbey Gardens, and a guided nature walk in Wanstead Flats Park.

After both events, we surveyed the mood of participants, asking them how they felt before and after.

Every single person in both events recorded an improvement in how they felt that day. 

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