How you doing?

We're aiming to tackle the stigma surrounding mental health. Our vision is for people to feel comfortable having conversations with their friends who they believe are struggling with mental health issues.

“1 in 10 young people will experience a mental health problem, and nearly 3 in 4 young people fear the reaction of friends when they talk about it”

“In Wales, around £600m is invested in mental health services a year, which is more than any other service in the NHS”

We released a survey, got 152 responses, 78% said they’d struggled with mental health issues. 

For many of us the question ‘How you are doing’ is used as a greeting or a passing comment and we don’t always listen to the answer.

Our campaign is aiming to change that. We’re targeting the friends and family members of the people suffering with mental health issues, and attempting to give them the tools and the confidence to spark those important conversations with their loved ones.

By opening those conversations we can help to reduce the stigma currently associated with mental illness, and also reduce the strain on university and public mental health services. We’re not experts in how to treat mental illnesses,, and of course if someone needs t o visit one of these services then we believe that they should, we’re just trying to encourage people to ask others how they’re really feeling.

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