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Extreme fitness expectations causing barriers to everyday women's participation and health.

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The problem we want to tackle is that women are told to look a certain way. We are brought up in a society were we are explicitly and subconsciously told that we should reach an impossible ideal. We are told to exercise with the only end goal being to change your body. And if you do exercise you should be doing it in extreme ways that help you reach these goals. Now I could show you lots of facts and figures to show you that this is the case but my experience and the experience of many women and men in this room will speak true to this. If I ask any of you to think of a woman who exercises many people will think of women that look like this and in fact I found these by searching for women exercising. This is only being perpetuated by images on social media being shared showing what people should look like and how to achieve it. Not only can this make women feel badly about their bodies but it can put women off exercising as they feel gyms are not spaces for women like them or that it not worth it as they will never reach these ideals. But the fact is the gym is not the only way we get moving and women at the gym and women who exercise do not all look like this and the benefits of moving are not just to look like a photoshopped model. Women look like me, and you and Mandi/Alice and everyone in this room. And we want to show that. Our mission statement is that we want women to feel proud and confident in their bodies and moving in them We want to challenge what women exercising look like and also highlight the benefits of moving. So we’re asking women and ourselves to share image of us all moving and telling us what we got out of it with the hashtag Imoveto. Lots of benefits of exercise: stress reduction, self esteem, better sleep