No Label

The campaign goal is to educate listeners about the environmental impact of the clothing industry and the options available to us as consumers to minimise our carbon footprint.


We all partake in fashion. We are walking billboards for the messages on the garments we wear and the companies that manufacture them. Due to this democratic participation in fashion we feel there is a collective responsibility for the harmful effects of the industry on our planet and those involved in its supply chain.

The fashion industry is amongst the world’s top 5 most polluting industries; however, it does not carry anywhere near the same level of stigma as the oil and gas industries.

Through the podcast we hope to raise awareness of the harmful effects of the fashion industry and alter the fashion buying habits of our listeners. 

40% of social media users use it to stay up to date with current events and news, this is why our podcasts will be seasonal and real time.

No Label the Podcast is a seasonal series with four episodes per season.

Each season will be reflective of the fashion season. For example, in summer some of the content will revolve around activates typically occurring at that time of year such as going on holiday. The first season will include episodes such as Fashion Horror Stories, CSI: Fast Fashion Analysed and 5 worst items in our wardrobes. The personal element will be provided by four of the six members of the No Label team. This will be on rotation over the course of the episodes. By providing a personable and comical dimension to the discussion, we want to engage a wider audience on the conflict between the environment and fast fashion.

The aim to provide the listener with a moment of hesitation prior to buying their next piece of clothing. For the listener to understand the marketing and societal pressures that brands leverage to promote the excessive consumption of clothing. The podcast should debunk the myth that by having more clothes you will be more fulfilled.



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