Queen BAME

We want to empower BAME women and girls to seize opportunities and encourage equal representation in positions of power!

In 2015 there were over 20.6 million women in the UK's working age population of which 2.9 million (14%) are from a Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) background.

In 2015 there was a significant difference in the employment rates between white women (72.6%) and BAME women (55.8%).

In 2016, black Caribbean, Pakistani and Bangladeshi women were at the greatest disadvantage and could expect to earn between 3% and 7% less than white British women from similar backgrounds with similar qualifications. 

77% of white people of working age were employed in 2017, compared with 65% of people from all other ethnic groups combined.

We want to change this! 

We want to build a network of support and opportunities for young BAME women in South Wales. If young women have role models and support, they can thrive!

We made great networks through the Wales Audit Office event, talking to businesses and public service organisations about the ways they were trying to improve recruitment and outreach with the BAME community. We made a great partnership with Sport Wales who wanted to partner and increase opportunities for young BAME women to participant in and grow careers in sports. This was helpful in spreading our message. Through creative content such as videos and images used on social media platforms, we gained a good reach of 120 people. By sharing the experiences of young BAME women through the video and speaking at an event we hope we have actually managed to reach many more people than this. 

We asked businesses to look at their hiring processes to ensure equal opportunities, to support young BAME women into the work force, and for successful BAME women to act as role models and mentors, supporting younger people to change the lack of support and opportunities for good!


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