22 Jan 2015

See What We've Been Doing With Sky News

As part of Sky News' Stand Up Be Counted Campaign, we have been working across the year with them to allow our UpRisers to have their voices heard in national media.

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In September, 15 participants from London, Bedford, Luton, Stoke and Manchester had the opportunity to visit Sky News for the day in their London Westminster studios. The group watched a live-recorded TV show, listened to talks by political correspondents and producers and received training in how to film short videos from industry professionals.

Our UpRisers also produced short videos for the Stand Up Be Counted site about an issue they care about. See one of our UpRisers on the Sky News site here.

In addition to the London visit, the Birmingham team had the luxury of their own personal visit, with expert advice from Sky News professionals to help their participants in launching their own campaigns. This culminated in one of our groups appearing on Sky News to talk about their campaign.

And finally, in preparation for the release of the Autumn Statement one of our UpRisers (Kishan) sat alongside Dennis for a Sky News interview to discuss how politics affect the different generations.