21 Jan 2015

UpRising's National Youth Debates...

On Thursday the 26th March UpRising did something that has not been done before in the UK by staging 11 simultaneous Youth Political Debates across the country. As a great way to end the My Voice My Vote programme, we came together across the country to give young people a voice in the election

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The combined events were a massive success...

  • 11 simultaneous debates took place at the same time
  • 1279 young people attended across the country
  • 55 constituent MPS and senior party members attended the debates
  • 800 young people participated in the online voting platform providing key information on the key issues that affect young people in the build up to  the General Election.

And this is what the young people stood and said...

  • 87% said our education system does not prepare young people for work
  • 94% said more should be done to tackle economic inequality in the UK
  • 94% said healthcare should remain free for everyone
  • Only 34% said zero-hours contracts should be made illegal
  • 65% said there should be a cap on the number of immigrants coming in to the UK
  • 66% said climate change is the biggest threat to their generation


Our young people stood up and had their voices heard... did you?